Helen’s Introduction

My name is Helen and I am 51 years old. I used to be young and pretty, I used to be slim, I used to be famous… But as the years went by and after the Covid lockdown hit me physically and mentally, I got to feel old, fat, ugly and anonymous… I had a son when I was 45 (gee, who expects to have a child at that age?) and while I was pregnant I have learned he has a chromosome disorder (something that the geneticians still don’t know what it may cause – the only thing we know is that he won’t be able to have his own children in a natural way but only ‘in vitro’ with assisted genetic help). For my past 6 years I gave him everything I could, I worked hard (sometimes 3 jobs) to earn a living and did what all the other women do (or at least some of them), cook, wash, do the dishes, tidy up, school runs and all the rest. I had sleepless nights when he was ill and lots of headaches when (one way or another) he got himself into trouble…

Then the Covid lockdown came and that’s when I realised that what he needed most of me was not my cooking or washing, but my time to spend with him. I felt I’ve missed so much of his development in all these past years, missed some of his milestones, his moments of happiness or doubt. This is how I have decided to embark on this great journey together with him, a journey to remember, a journey of rediscovery, of connection and learning altogether

I am 51, he is 6… Probably I’ll never get to meet my grandchildren… but at least I know he will have my stories to tell, stories about his mother and the wonderful and crazy things they did together when he was young…



A month of trail walking and camping in the wild of the Five Finger Mountains and Karpaz Peninsula.



Highlight child development issues and bond with the parent(s), raise awareness of ‘special children’, connecting with nature and learn to respect it, raise awareness on littering and environmental issues, learning to live with little, learning to adapt to different situations, raise awareness of children’s dependency on electronics, learning about ‘life beyond supermarkets’, raise awareness of mental health during and after Corona lockdown.

This will be in particular a message to abused women (physically, emotionally or mentaly),  women who  are survivors of domestic violence, women who don’t have enough time for their children because they have to work hard to make a living; and finally women like me, who had children late in life and are not aware that the most treasured thing to leave to their children is memories of times spent together.

The money raised from sponsorships to be donated to:

-‘Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Trust’.

- ‘Lefkoşa Women’s Shelter’.


Trail walk through the Five Fingers mountains range forrest. From the end of the mountain range, partial walk on tracks and tarmac roads through the villages in Karpaz peninsula.

Start point: Buffavento restaurant (close to the 5 Fingers Peak).

End point: the tip of the Karpaz peninsula.

Daily activities: picking litter, excercise, learning new skills (for example: how to make fire without damaging the environment, building a shelter, basic cooking), practising arithmetics, reading and singing; talking about geography and geology, learning about the powers and rules of nature, learning some basic rules of physics, learning some basics of botanics, learning some basics of first aid, learning about Cyprus history while visiting historical places, learning about Cyprus stories, tales and legends, lerning about Cyprus food and craft culture.


-ultra light hiking/ camping equipment: tent, sleeping bags, mats, shoes, cooking/eating ustensils, etc.

-steps counting device

-clothing (special printed tshirts, vests, caps)

-solar powered light

-solar power banks

-food and beverage

-books and other reading materials, note books, pens

-mobile video recording equipment (go-pro camera?), batteries

-photo camera

-emergency health kit

-post production of videos/photos

-communication sponsor(Telsim, KKTCELL?)




Volunteer trainers will be a crucial part of this journey. Volunteers will provide us with training on any of the subjects listed under daily activities (botanics, geology, first aid, history, etc.), while also delivering our daily supplies (food, water, clean clothes when necessary) since heavy packing will not be possible. They will also help with the disposal of garbage we will be collecting daily. Volunteers will locate us by GPS trackers.