Nutrition before the Marathon

Hello to everyone! As in every year, we are also at the Nicosia Marathon as The Cyprea! Whether you're in the 4km public run or in the 21km distance you've been training for months, we offer you a few nutritional recommendations this year.

One of the most important points to consider before the marathon is that you should be careful not to consume heavy, roasted, hard to digest foods that are thought to be swollen at night, before you can have a comfortable run. These; legumes, raw vegetables and all fried foods and in some cases milk can be considered.

If you attend a short distance 4 km public run, one day before, you can eat healthy and balanced meals in your normal routine. In the morning you can eat a sandwich with oats, fruit, raw nuts or whole-wheat bread before a morning jog. If you want to make your breakfast too early and have a snack before walking, fruit and raw nuts may be a good alternative.

You will need more energy and more carbohydrates as 10 - 21km runs will be longer as both distance and time.

10km before the race again oats, fruit, peanut butter or white bread can be prepared with a cheese sandwich. If you finish your breakfast minimum 2 hours before the run, it will be beneficial for your stomach so that you avoid having discomfort during the run. If you have made the breakfast 3 to 4 hours before the start, it will be useful to consume half a banana or one energy gel before 30-45 minutes.

21km race will start in the early hours so it would be useful to wake up 2 hours before the marathon start time and have breakfast to reduce problems related to the digestive system. It will be useful to choose a breakfast that you have consumed before, and a high carbohydrate amount that your stomach is accustomed to. Unlike other distances, for the 21km, increasing your glycogen storage a day before by carbohydrate consumption is very important. These are the extra 1 slices of bread to be added to one day before meals, or bananas and raw nuts and 2-3 tbs rice and snacks, or peanut butter. As the race distance is long, we recommend that you consume water during the race and consume energy gel and / or banana.

Finally, we recommend that before the marathon, do not consume the food you have never tried before. We wish you a good training, we hope to see you all on November 11!

Specialist Nutritionist Ayşe Hacıarif
Nutritionist Emine Uluçay Mufazalova
The Cyprea