Mayor’s Message

The marathons are organizations that motivate the city spirit and add value to the city organized by the important cities of the world that have been working for many years to become a brand. Although Nicosia has met the marathon in the past, the marathon has been owned by the whole country in the last 4 years and it is an organization that has become a brand that more and more a place of participation and excitement.

With the arrival of October in Nicosia, Marathon is a month of excitement surrounded by the city. It is a day when all the people have fun, do sports together and give hand in hand with other people in need.

I would like to thank all the sponsors, Athletics Federation and Municipal staff who have participated with great efforts in the Nicosia Marathons upto today.

Nicosia Turkish Municipality

2022 Marathon - Introductory Video

Nicosia Marathon

Nicosia, which is the capital city throughout the history and home to different civilizations for centuries and where all the colors live freely amicably together, Nicosia has been a initiator and guide in this field with the marathon organized by the Turkish Municipality and adds value to our country and our city.

The Nicosia Marathon, which was held in 2018 for the eighth time, is held annually by the participation of thousands of people from Cyprus and runners from different countries around the world.

Besides the sportive and combative characteristics, the use of income to eliminate a social need annually adds a different importance to the marathon.

The Nicosia Marathon, which is the initiator of the country marathons, is organized in 3 different categories in the form of 10 kilometers and 21 kilometers with 4 kilometers of public run and 10 km and 21 km winning athletes are rewarded.

In all the streets of Nicosia, the common feeling of everyone is sincerity. In this capital, where sincerity is always present, the Nicosia Marathon raises the city's brand value and at the same time adds color to making the city dynamic.

AIMS (International Association of Marathons and Distance Running) Certified Marathon

10 km, 21 km and 42 km races in our marathon received international approval and validation certificates as a result of the examination conducted by AIMS (International Association of Marathons and Distance Running) in 2019.

10 KM

Lefkoşa Yarı-Maratonu

Lefkoşa Maratonu





  • 2008

    First Nicosia Marathon

  • 2018

    Medals for the participants of 10 km and 21 km
    Over 6500 participants

  • 2019

    The 10 km, 21 km and 42 km runs were certified and validated by AIMS (International Association of Marathons and Distance Running).

Nicosia Marathon with Numbers









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Nicosia Semi-Marathon

Nicosia Marathon with Questions and Answers


How many categories are there in the Nicosia Marathon?

4 kilometers

10 kilometers

21 kilometers


How can I register to Nicosia Marathon?

4 km

  • Between 9 – 22 October, 08:00 – 17:00 hours you can register from the registration desk in front of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality. Saturdays the registration takes place between 08.00 – 13.00.
  • You can register also on the Marathon day, 22nd October, between 07:30 – 09:30 

10km and 21km

  • Between 9 – 22 October, 08:00 – 17:00 hours you can register from the registration desk in front of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality. Saturdays the registration takes place between 08.00 – 13.00.
  • The registration will be completed on 20th October at 17:00. 

What is required for registration to the Nicosia Marathon?

For registration of 4 kilometers, it is enough to fill in the registration form and pay the registration fee. 

10 kilometers and 21 kilometers

  • ID card copy 

10 kilometers and 21 kilometers For those under the age of 18 (aged 16-18 only)

  • ID card copy 
  • A certificate or license from the Federation or permission letter from their parents.

How much is the registration fee for the Nicosia Marathon?

4 km – 100 TL
10 km – 750 TL
21 km – 1.000 TL

What are the start times of the categories?

10 km – 07:30
21 km – 07:00
4 km – 10:30

Are there water and sponge stations at 10km and 21km?

Yes, the locations of our free water and sponge stations on the 10km and 21km routes for water or cooling support during the marathon are indicated on the map.

How long is the duration of the marathon?

4 km - There is no time limitation

10 km - 2 hours

21 km - 2 and a half hours

Is it free to register babies under 5 years old?

Registration is free until the age of 5, if a breast number is requested, registration is required.

Individuals with special needs

Every year, dozens of people with special needs join the marathon. 

In addition, the Accesibility unit of the Nicosia provides registeration procedures and transportation for the marathon for its members free of charge by NTM staff.

Where will the income from the Nicosia Marathon be donated?

All the income will be used for the Life Center, which will bring our services that we have taken to the homes of our elders in the city for years and expanded according to their needs, under one roof. While our elders benefit from health and care services in our center, they will have a pleasant and peaceful time by participating in sports, art, production and education activities.

Emergency and Security

If there is a emergency situation during the race, who can ı call?

In case of emergency on marathon day, you can reach our Organizing Committee from 0533 831 5333 and 0533 827 6555.

What are the security measures taken for the marathon?

An ambulance from Elit Hospital will be available for emergencies during the marathon.

The route to be run in the marathon will be closed to traffic in a controlled manner by the Police and NTM.

Day of Marathon

What are the start times of the categories?

10 km – 07:30
21 km – 07:45
4 km – 10:30

Are there water stations within 10 kilometers and 21 kilometers?

There are water and sponge stations in both sections.